What Makes a Good Source Code Static Analysis Tool?

Useful software systems change [1]. The best practice in modifying software without prior knowledge of the source code is to methodically investigate the system rather than implementing an opportunistic approach [1]. Robillard, Coelho, and Murphy’s study showed that developers who do not know a system of software must take a focused approach to changing it. Read More

Lab 9: Serial Communication/Wireless Control


This lab was broken up in to two sections. For the first serial lab, I sent data from a potentiometer to a program on the computer. The program graphed the output of the sensor on screen. For the second serial lab, I sent data from two potentiometers to control the position of a shape on the computer screen. For the final portion of this lab, my lab partner and I created a doorbell using wireless communication–one Arduino controlled the button, while another Arduino controlled the buzzer. Read More

Final Project Proposal


Assignment Prompt

Your task for the final project is: Create a physically interactive system of your choice. Your focus in this assignment should be on careful and timely sensing of the relevant actions of the person or people that you’re designing this for, and on clear, prompt, and effective response. Any interactive system is going to involve aspects of listening, thinking, and speaking from both parties. Whether it involves one cycle or many, the exchange should be engaging. Read More

Lab 8: Processing


For this lab, I learned about programming with the Processing programming environment. Processing is an open source programming language and environment for users who want to create images, animations, and interactions. In this lab, my lab partner and I created a screen drawing of a pumpkin using two-dimensional primitive shapes and the basic color functions. We developed an algorithm to change the position and size of our 2D shape when a user moves the mouse. Read More

Wally World


For this week’s assignment, I was instructed to pick a system of interactive technology in public used by multiple people. The goal was to take notes on how people use the object and come to a conclusion about the successes and failures of the interactivity of the system.

I chose the Wal-Mart self-checkout system. Here is what I found… Read More

Alabama REU ’12

Last summer I was selected for the Research Experience for Undergraduates in Empirical Software Engineering at the University of Alabama. I was encouraged to apply for this opportunity in the Spring of 2012 by my professor, Dr. Hamid. The REU was a 9 week long paid internship. In addition, housing, food, and travel expenses were paid for.

My role as a research intern was to aid Dr. Jeffrey Carver and Dr. Nicholas Kraft in the study of the benefits of design patterns in the software development process.  Read More