MathLand – A Math Game for Elementary School Students

I. Introduction

For thousands of years, humans of antiquity learned from orators and great thinkers—knowledge passed down generation to generation through story and lecture. Until the printing press, the expansion of human knowledge was limited primarily to the wealthy. Then, for centuries, text was the primary learning format Read More

Python p2p Application

I was required to implement a peer-to-peer application as one of my projects for my CSC 573 – Networking course. We had the choice of implementing in Java, C, or Python. My partner and I chose Python.

The p2p app is an implementation of a simple p2p system with a centralized index (CI) at a server. Peers may share and download Request for Comments (RFC) files from one another. The CI houses the address and the list of all known RFCS the peer has. Read More

Stress Visualization Monitor – hackDuke Hackathon ’14

The Stress Visualization Monitor is a system that monitors mental health by visualizing the galvanic stress response of the user. The user wears a sensor connected to an Arduino. The user can monitor their stress levels in real time through our web interface. The goal of the project is to increase the self-awareness of mental health by the user.

This project is a proof of concept. It was created in 24 hours by myself and my teammates at the Duke Hackathon ’14. The idea is for the user to wear the device to collect personal stress response data. This data could then be analyzed daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This is a possible addition in the wearable technology sect.

The app was developed using Python with Django, as well as the usual front-end web technologies.

See the source code:

Neighborhood Sports App – HCI Project


Neighborhood Sports is an interactive mobile-friendly application designed to increase the number of adults playing recreational team sports. Neighborhood Sports was implemented by closely following common human-computer interaction (HCI) principles. Neighborhood Sports improves upon competitors like Facebook and Meetup by increasing the convenience with which users can find and join local pick-up games.

Read More

Berry Bus – Senior Project


Berry Bus is an interactive bus tracking app that makes real-time campus bus information available online for Berry students. Berry buses are displayed on a detailed map, using the power of GPS and Google Maps. Stuck waiting in Krannert for the bus because it’s raining? Want to save time finding the bus from anywhere on campus? Use your smartphone or computer to instantly check the bus location. Read More

Game Cube

Game Cube


Game Cube is an interactive cube with an LED on each face. Game Cube allows its users to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of light and color through interactive rotation of the cube. Game Cube utilizes an accelerometer to change the colors of the LEDs dependent upon the position of the cube in the user’s hands.

Interacting with the Game Cube is fun and easy. The user can simply pick up the cube and begin by pointing any corner of the cube upward and holding for 3 seconds. This places the user in the Menu Interface. In the Menu Interface, each face has a certain color corresponding to a different setting. Pick a setting by placing the desired “setting” face upward (facing the ceiling). The user will know what face is currently selected by a blinking light on the selected face. By holding this face in this upward position for 3 seconds, the user enters the desired setting. Read More