Game Cube

Game Cube


Game Cube is an interactive cube with an LED on each face. Game Cube allows its users to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of light and color through interactive rotation of the cube. Game Cube utilizes an accelerometer to change the colors of the LEDs dependent upon the position of the cube in the user’s hands.

Interacting with the Game Cube is fun and easy. The user can simply pick up the cube and begin by pointing any corner of the cube upward and holding for 3 seconds. This places the user in the Menu Interface. In the Menu Interface, each face has a certain color corresponding to a different setting. Pick a setting by placing the desired “setting” face upward (facing the ceiling). The user will know what face is currently selected by a blinking light on the selected face. By holding this face in this upward position for 3 seconds, the user enters the desired setting.

There are 6 faces and 5 settings. Two of the faces correspond to the same setting.

  • Blue: LightCurrentFace—Lights the current upward face.
  • Red: RandomCube—Rotate the cube to a new upward face and watch as each face is lighted randomly
  • Green: PartyCube—Sit back and enjoy the light show
  • Cyan: ChangeCubeColor—Rotate the cube to a new upward face and watch as the entire cube lights up to the face’s corresponding color
  • Yellow: ChaseTheLight—Rotate the cube to the lighted face before time runs out! Hurry, you only have 5 lives!

To exit out of any setting, simply point any corner of the cube upward and hold for 3 seconds. This returns the user to the Menu Interface.


Game Cube

Game Cube

Technical Details

The only input to the Game Cube interactive system comes from the accelerometer attached to the inside of the Game Cube. The accelerometer works by tracking the x, y, and z positions of the cube in 3-dimensional space.

The output of Game Cube are the light values that correspond to the color of each LED. The input of the accelerometer’s x, y, and z values correspond to the red, green, and blue values of each LED. Different positions of the cube for each of the settings can result in a variety of color combinations.

The components of Game Cube consist of the 6” acrylic cube, an inner cube composed of foam core to house electronics, an Arduino microcontroller to run the Game Cube program, an accelerometer to track the cube’s x, y, and z position in 3-dimensional space, a group of 6 RGB LEDs with the corresponding wires, 3 shift registers to  connect the abundance of electronics to the Arduino, and a battery to power everything.

The code for Game Cube is written in the Arduino programming environment and stored on the Arduino microcontroller attached to the inside of the Game Cube. The software consists of 650 lines of code—5 different settings, a Menu Interface, shift register control, LED control, accelerometer control, and testing/debugging statements.



This is where Game Cube began. We tested accelerometer input to see if we could change a single LED by changing the position of the box.

It works

It works! Face 4 of our box changed to blue. Now to more exciting possibilities…


Garret created a prototype cube to house all of our electronics. We could then place this smaller cube inside the large Acrylic cube.


This is our wiring of an accelerometer, 6 RGB LEDs, and 3 shift registers. The shift registers act as holders for extra pins–we ran out of room on the Arduino for all of our electronics! This setup here was purely for development purposes.

After many headaches of dealing with the shift registers, we got all 6 LEDs working–changing color in unison! We can only imagine what they will look like in our cube…


Our acrylic cube construction is complete!

Game Cube!

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