Final Project Proposal


Assignment Prompt

Your task for the final project is: Create a physically interactive system of your choice. Your focus in this assignment should be on careful and timely sensing of the relevant actions of the person or people that you’re designing this for, and on clear, prompt, and effective response. Any interactive system is going to involve aspects of listening, thinking, and speaking from both parties. Whether it involves one cycle or many, the exchange should be engaging.



For our final project, my lab partner Garrett and I will create a game cube. The user will interact with the game cube and be able to play a variety of games that involve movements of the cube (input) and the faces of the cube changing colors (output). An Arduino will be encased in the cube with an accelerometer attached to it. An RGB LED will light up each face of the cube. When the game cube is not in use for gaming, it will behave as a piece of art to be appreciated–the entire cube changing colors, cycling through the color wheel.

Game Ideas

  • Color Wheel – A setting that will allow the user to create every color in the color wheel simply by rotating and moving the cube along the x, y, and z axes.
  • Maze Game – A pre-determined maze is set on the cube. The user must navigate through the maze by rotating the cube. Feedback will be provided on a correct turn (light up green) and an incorrect turn (light up red). The game will end once the user reaches the end of the maze.
  • SimonCubed – The popular game of Simon realized in a cube. Each face of the cube will be a different color. The user must follow the pattern by rotating the cube.
  • Reflex Game – One face of the cube will turn red. The user must rotate the cube quickly toward that face before time runs out.


I think that this project is very doable. One thing that Garrett and I need to do first is buy a pre-made cube to house our game. This will save a lot of time allowing us to focus more on the “gaming” aspects. I would also enjoy having a “secret level” as a feature of the game cube. Perhaps if a button on the cube is pressed while a certain pattern of rotations (Left, Right, Down, Down, Left) is entered, the user unlocks a secret “seizure level” in which the cube becomes a colorful strobe light. Overall, I am looking forward to working on this final project.

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