Imaginary Expressive Object

Imaginary Expressive Object:

My assignment for this week is to imagine an imaginary interactive object that could exist in the real world. Upon reading the assignment, my mind immediately began thinking about objects so far fetched that they aren’t even worth describing for this assignment. I narrowed my focus down to something that seems plausible given our society’s current technology. Here is what I came up with…

Imagine a world where everyone is more aware of their body than they are now. So much more aware that they are they’re own best doctors. Well, with my device they are at least… My device is called BAD (Body Analysis and Diagnosis). The name could use some work. It is a very small collection of a few sensors that attaches topically to your skin. Prototype 1.0 simply takes a reading of your body temperature every few hours. If it detects you have a high body temperature, it gives you a poke and extracts information from your blood. If your white blood cell count is high along with the high body temperature, the object beeps. It then takes a sample of your blood and stores it in a small receptacle.

You then take this object and connect it to a hub that is connected to your computer (think a charging droid smart phone connected to a power supply that is connected to the computer). This hub extracts information from the object and uploads it to your desktop. The readout looks something like this:

Now, the ‘chance of survivability’ feature may get scratched by Prototype 2.0 of BAD, but nonetheless this readout gives plenty of valuable information all within a few seconds. That hub has a blood diffuser that is able to detect bacterial strains and match them with a huge database of known bacterium.

Imagine a world where a person is more concerned about preventative medicine than treatment. This device trains you to be much more ‘in tune’ with your body. Stay out late last night and have too much junk food and too many alcoholic drinks? Your body will probably be feeling sluggish and your BAD readout will beep. It will have a full readout for you of what is wrong with you and just how far over your limit you went so that you know you can still enjoy yourself some but possibly a little less so next time.

I love it when my BAD saves my life. I hate it when my BAD beeps at me during a test and everyone thinks I’m about to die (because they all have BADs and know what that beep means…it means I’m sick!).

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